WinTech Incorporated
Project Type: Business Growth
                      Manufacturing Productivity Improvement



WinTech, Inc., an employee-owned company with a national reputation for high quality residential foundation and commercial windows and plenum access doors for the HVAC industry, was founded in 1991.

In an increasingly competitive market, WinTech management understood that the company needed to expand its product line and improve its manufacturing operations to enhance its market position.

WinTech Inc. asked Missouri Enterprise to simultaneously provide Eureka! Winning Ways® (E!WW) Growth Strategies and Manufacturing Productivity Improvement programs.

The E!WW Idea Generation session resulted in 69 ideas for new and improved products. Less than two months later, the company had produced prototypes for two of those ideas. One was a window product that will provide easy access emergency exits from basements and the other, which is for metal buildings, incorporates advanced hurricane protection.

The two new products are currently being taken to the marketplace, and company officials estimate that they will generate more than $400,000 in annual sales.

Concurrently, Missouri Enterprise provided an Introduction to Lean Enterprise Principles and assisted the company’s Lean team in generating current and future state Value Stream Maps.

The company’s Manufacturing Process Improvement program was equally as rewarding for the company. WinTech’s Value Stream Maps identified more than 25 specific areas for improvement in the company’s door production process. Door production has been increased from a weekly batch of 250 (which were only completed at the end of the production week) to 50+ doors completed daily (with as many as 92 doors completed in a day). Company officials have translated that into an annual labor savings of at least $50,000.


Click here for a PDF of the WinTech, Inc. success story.