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Area Business Manager

Kansas City and Northwest Missouri

816-719-0929 (mobile)
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  • Galliard Family Business Advisor


Mike engages with Missouri manufacturers to identify the challenges that they face and determine which solutions will most effectively help them meet those challenges. Mike works with companies in Kansas City and Northwest Missouri.

Background and Education

Mike brings more than 25 years of experience in management to Missouri Enterprise clients. His background includes education/risk/financial management, business consulting/retention, economic/workforce solutions, marketing/strategic planning, public relations and project and leadership development. Mike holds an MBA from Northwest Missouri State University and the professional designation Licensed International Financial Analyst from the International Research Association. 

Mike is proficient in linking operational and financial management activities to mission, strategy and tactical planning. He was a small business owner and he has demonstrated the ability to link academics to entrepreneurial activities. He was a quasi-government contractor to the State of Missouri and a coordinator of state and federal audits.

He has attended numerous Missouri Governor’s Conferences, webinars and grant related seminars to foster and uphold taxpayer accountability with government funding.

Mike is a member of the Kansas City and St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce and the Clay County Economic Development Council. He is a former member of the Missouri Economic Development Council, Business Retention & Expansion International, Kansas City Regional Business Retention Council and the Kansas City Economic Development Council. He is a certified Galliard Family Business Advisor.