2024 Career Fellowship Program

April 3, 2024
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This Summer 2024, an enriching opportunity unfolds for businesses to directly impact the future workforce within the community. The Career Fellowship Program is specifically designed for rising juniors and seniors, aiming to seamlessly connect classroom knowledge with vital, real-world applications. This initiative opens doors to mentorship, skill development, and innovative collaborations that not only elevate student education but also propel organizational growth.

Businesses interested in employing rising sophomores and juniors are invited to participate by committing to host a student fellow with a $2,500 contribution. This investment ensures fair compensation for the student fellows, managed and disbursed through the NKC School District. The program spans from June 3rd to July 26th, enriching your team with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

The benefits for participating businesses are manifold, including mentorship opportunities, skill development, networking prospects, and the potential for discovering future employment candidates within your organization. Moreover, the company’s contribution is eligible for a tax deduction, adding a financial incentive to the intrinsic rewards of mentorship and community engagement.

Support for the businesses and the student fellows is a cornerstone of the program, with each participating company receiving a dedicated district liaison and coach for the student. This ensures a smooth integration into your organizational environment and maximizes the learning experience. The program also offers comprehensive onboarding and training for the student fellows, alongside efficient direct deposit/payment processes, easing the administrative load and focusing on workforce development needs.

This initiative is a call to action for businesses to leave a lasting impact on the next generation of professionals. It’s an invitation to forge meaningful connections, nurture potential, and contribute to building a skilled and prepared workforce. The registration deadline for this transformative experience has been extended to Friday, April 12th, offering a unique chance to shape the career trajectories of young professionals while enriching your organizational culture and operational success.

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