3 Tips to Save Energy/$ in Your Facility

May 18, 2018

By Bob Beckmann, Certified Energy Manager & Engineer for Missouri Enterprise

We are all here in Missouri together—which means we are used to the everchanging and unpredictable weather. It rains one day, followed by a heatwave and then our week is capped off with…what…snow?! This is all pretty typical for us Missourians. We may not be able to accurately forecast the next 30 minutes of weather, but what we CAN do is offer three simple energy savings tips that you can implement today and start to see savings on your next electric bill.

Energy Saving Tips for Manufacturers from Bob Beckmann:
1.    Install motion sensors to your lighting systems where ever possible.  Offices, warehouses and meeting rooms are prime locations for motion sensors since they are often empty for long periods during the work day.  Motion sensors can pay for themselves in a few months and are frequently part of your utility’s rebate program.
2.    Visit the factory floor when everyone has already gone home for the evening or on a weekend.  This is a prime time to walk the plant and listen for the tell-tale hiss of leaks in your compressed air system.  Bring tags and mark the leak locations for your maintenance crew to fixed.  A 1/8” diameter hole in your system can cost you up to $1,000 per year so it pays to fix those leaks.
3.    When using a belt on a drive system, always use a high-efficiency cogged V-belt.  These belts are 2% to 5% more efficient since they run cooler and wrap around the pulley tighter.  They may cost 20% more but they last 20% longer.

Bob Beckmann is our resident certified energy manager. Click on the video below to hear more about energy issues he commonly finds in manufacturing plants.

Energy Savings w/Missouri Enterprise from Missouri Enterprise on Vimeo.

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