Network Connections for You

Our Connections are Your Connections.

As the NIST MEP National Network™ center for the state of Missouri, we’re an integral part of the nation’s largest network of industry experts, trade organizations, manufacturing leaders, government entities, compliance and certification bodies and other resources.  If it has to do with the manufacturing industry in Missouri, chances are we can help you connect to it.  Now, multiply that by all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and our network of connections covers the entire nation and beyond.  That’s impressive, and it’s all here to help YOU, the Missouri manufacturer.  You really should get to know us because Our Connections are Your Connections.

With No Cost of Admission, You Should Get In On It!

If you’re a part of the manufacturing industry in our state, Missouri Enterprise is here for you.  If it has to do with manufacturing at any level, we can help.  Count on us for introductions to knowledgeable, helpful people and organizations in the manufacturing industry, or access our no-cost, low-cost and affordable resources and expertise when you need it.  Your local Area Business Manager is your direct connection to it all, so we encourage you to reach out and get to know them.  You’ll find a friend in the industry who will be there when you need them.

Contact Us any time for advice and guidance on available resources, for assistance with any manufacturing goals big or small, or to engage top-level expertise for any type of manufacturing excellence initiative.