Area Business Managers

Area Business Managers:
Your Go-To People at Missouri Enterprise.

Missouri Enterprise’s Area Business Managers (ABM’s) are here for you.  Think of us as your go-to people to lean on when you need to talk shop with someone in the know about anything related to manufacturing.  As your NIST/MEP National Network partner for the state of Missouri, we’re connected to an extensive network of resources that are available to you simply because you’re a manufacturer in Missouri.  When you know and connect with us, you connect to a world of helpful assistance built for you.  Come to us as a friend for candid advice, or to access our no-cost/low-cost resources and learning opportunities, or to engage our expertise and manufacturing know-how to help you with critical initiatives for profitable growth and manufacturing excellence.

Take a Minute to Get to Know Your ABM so
You Can Get In On It!

Missouri Enterprise has an extensive network of resources and opportunities to offer our state’s manufacturers, but you can’t Get In On It! if you don’t know us.  Your ABM continuously makes the rounds of manufacturers in your area, so take a few minutes to meet with them when they come to call.  You’ll find a friend in the business who’s always there for you.  Better yet, pick up the phone and reach out directly, or email them with a manufacturing question.  We’re here to help.
I Wish I’d Known About You Folks a Long Time Ago.
We can’t tell you how often we hear clients say, “I wish I’d known about you folks a long time ago.”  Don’t let that happen to you.  Connect with your Missouri Enterprise ABM today, and connect with resources, know-how and services built to help you maximize efficiency, enhance quality and grow profitably.

Find Your ABM!

If it has to do with manufacturing, there’s no question too small and no challenge too big.  Reach out to us any time for assistance.  We’re here to help. 

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