Identify. Understand. Serve.

The Leadership team at Missouri Enterprise is dedicated to identifying, understanding and serving the needs of our great manufacturing community in Missouri.  Our number one job is to bring as many top-quality, useful resources as possible to Missouri’s manufacturers.  We provide companies with access to learning opportunities and expertise in everything from continuous improvement, to quality management, to business development, to strategic connections – to all things manufacturing.  We proudly support and empower our people in the field to be an active part of the Missouri manufacturing community, forging relationships, making friends in the business, and connecting manufacturers with no-cost, low-cost and affordable expertise to help them succeed, thrive and prosper.  Everything we do is dedicated to you, the Missouri manufacturer, and we encourage you to Get In On It!

YOUR NIST MEP National Network Partner in Missouri.
Get In ON It!

Missouri Enterprise is a part of the National Institute of Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a National Network of manufacturing excellence resources available to YOU as a Manufacturer in Missouri.  It’s all about helping you become a better, faster, more profitable manufacturer, and Missouri Enterprise is your direct point of access to things you need to grow and thrive.  We’re your go-to resource for everything from simple advice and guidance, to no-cost and low-cost expertise and learning opportunities, to affordable, high-ROI initiatives in manufacturing excellence.  It’s all here for you at Missouri Enterprise.  Get In On It!