Dusty Cruise

President/Chief Executive Officer
573-578-7531 (mobile)


As president and chief executive officer of Missouri Enterprise, Dusty directs the staff in achieving its mission of "Helping Missouri Businesses Succeed." He serves as the head of the Leadership Team, facilitating effective planning and management of the company's overall operations. Dusty engages the Board of Directors in developing strategic direction and performance targets for the organization. He also manages relationships and opportunities with funding and strategic partners.

Dusty became president and CEO on January 1, 2010 following more than 10 years of service to Missouri Enterprise as a project manager, regional vice-president, vice-president of service delivery and executive vice-president.

Background and Education

Dusty Cruise is a proven manufacturing professional with more than 40 years of experience in a broad spectrum of manufacturing endeavors. He has been a quality and engineering manager, sales and marketing director, operations manager, manufacturing engineer, production supervisor, senior process engineer, tool and process engineer, engineering draftsman and quality control inspector.

His experience in the practical application of world class manufacturing concepts enables him to effectively facilitate and implement improvements strategic to client needs and success.

Dusty’s past positions in manufacturing and operations leadership provide a framework for him to effectively interface with all functional areas of a manufacturing enterprise seeking to improve organizational effectiveness. His experience extends beyond process improvements associated with a Lean Enterprise and the manufacturing of goods; it also includes the sale and marketing of those products as well.

Dusty has a first hand, realistic knowledge of manufacturing. He understands how the impact of material, labor and overhead affect the bottom line and integrate improvements in these areas with the rest of the operation to achieve bottom line growth.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management, Comprehensive, from Missouri State University and has served as Missouri Quality Award Examiner.