Project Managers


Michael Spurgeon

Project Manager
314-971-1837 (mobile)

Primary Functional Areas of Expertise

Background and Education

I am excited to be a part of your company’s team as a project manager. I have years of experience working in quality (ISO), engineering and design.

As a Manufacturing Engineer, I spent a lot of time performing time studies, determining production line layout, and workstation breakdowns for all the existing and new products we manufactured. I completed the introduction to Demand Flow Technology (DFT) and Mixed Model DFT courses through JCIT. I also designed and built fixtures for the assembly lines, specified and ordered tools and equipment, and performed maintenance on the equipment as needed. I assisted the QA department in reading the 2D part drawings and taking measurements. I performed root cause analysis whenever problems arose on the assembly line.

As the Quality Assurance Manager, I was responsible for our corrective and preventative action processes, incoming inspection of parts and assemblies from our suppliers, and the final inspection of the finished goods we produced at the factory. I was involved with the ISO program and conducted internal audits.

As a Design/Manufacturing Engineer, I started using Pro/E to make design changes and corrections to our 3D models and created 2D drawings from the models. I was responsible for using AutoCAD to keep our plant layout up to date. I was a lead in conducting multiple kaizen projects. We created a Value Stream Map for our facility. We conducted a plant layout analysis and eliminated waste in excess inventory and material handling. We completed a setup reduction project in our injection molding area. I also designed and built multiple pieces of automated test equipment that performed life testing on our products.

In addition to my work at Tacony, I have served nearly 10 years in the Missouri Army National Guard. I am a Logistics Officer at the rank of Captain and I am currently serving as the Company Commander of a Distribution Company.

I received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri – Rolla in December 2003. I started working part-time as an Engineering Assistant for Tacony Manufacturing in St. James in August 2002 while I was finishing my degree. I was then hired on full-time after graduation where I worked until joining the Missouri Enterprise team in 2018.