Why We Survey

Be Proud of Your Impact on the Economy.

Manufacturing is a huge part of the national economy, and as a Missouri manufacturer your contribution to the health of the nation truly matters.  Big company or small, every person you employ, every dollar you put back into the economy, and every bit of profit you work hard to earn are critical to the life and prosperity of America.  That’s real impact, and you have a right to be proud of it.

Help Us Help You.  Report Your Impact.

When you report your positive Impact, you help us help you.  As your NIST MEP National Network Partner, Missouri Enterprise is driven by performance metrics, and it’s you, our valued clients, who drive the numbers.  Whenever you work with Missouri Enterprise on a project big or small, NIST will follow up with you within the following year to see how we did, and ask you to report any measurable impact you’ve realized as a result of working with Missouri Enterprise.  In addition to helping Missouri Enterprise make continuous improvements to the resources and services we offer, the positive feedback and numbers you report when you complete NIST surveys is incredibly important for three major reasons:

  1. Show Your Impact. The information you provide goes into nationally collected and reported NIST data on how the manufacturing community is doing, the performance of NIST MEP National Network Partners, and the impact manufacturers have on their communities and the economy.  Show America the positive Impact you have on people in your community and the economy at large.  You’ll help foster a positive image of the importance of manufacturing and justify the support provided to the manufacturing community by government and supporting partners.
  2. Our Performance Review. NIST uses your feedback, and the input of hundreds of other Missouri manufacturers we work with, to ensure we are good stewards of the taxpayer funds entrusted to us.  The information you report to NIST literally reflects on the individual performance of your Area Business Managers and Project Managers, and on Missouri Enterprise as a whole.  Please provide the best possible answers you can when you complete your NIST survey.  The people at Missouri Enterprise depend on it.
  3. Your Strategic Challenges. NIST will also ask about the toughest challenges you face as a manufacturer as you strive to grow and prosper.  NIST uses your input to identify what kind of support and assistance manufacturers like you really need today and into the future.  Your input drives future NIST and Missouri Enterprise initiatives to provide the greatest and most useful assistance to manufacturers.


Key Questions NIST Will Ask.

The NIST survey you will be asked to complete is brief.  Most people spend as little as 5-10 minutes providing thoughtful feedback.  Every question asked is important, but your responses to several key questions reflect directly on Missouri Enterprise’s performance and value.  When responding to these and all the NIST questions, we ask you to consider every possible direct and indirect positive Impact you have received through your relationship with Missouri Enterprise.

  • Net Promoter Score. This is the single most important question for us.  It uses a scale of 1-10 to ask you how likely you would be to recommend Missouri Enterprise to other companies.  When considering your response, please understand that a score less than a 9 or 10 indicates an improvement is needed. If that is the case, please share with us how we can better serve you.
  • Your Impact. You will be asked a quick series of questions that show your Impact as a result of working with Missouri Enterprise.  We need you to honestly answer “YES” to as many of these questions as possible.  Further, we hope you will please provide the best possible projected numbers you can offer related to each question.  These Impact related questions will ask:  Over the next 12 months, will our services lead you to…
    • Increase sales at your establishment?
    • Retain sales that otherwise would have been lost?
    • Create any jobs?
    • Retain any jobs?
    • Realize any cost savings in labor, materials, energy, overhead or other areas?
    • Increase investment?
    • Avoid any unnecessary investments or save on any investments?

See What NIST Will Ask. 

Immediately upon completion of any project you conduct with us, your Missouri Enterprise representative will ask you to complete our Customer Satisfaction Evaluation (CSE), which is directly parallel to the NIST survey.  It will help us in our internal Continuous Improvement efforts and show you many of the specific questions NIST will ask.  SEE OUR CSE.