AJ Manufacturing

June 10, 2016

Kansas City

AJ Manufacturing produces standard and custom stainless steel products for the HVAC industry, including grilles, registers, diffusers and other air distribution products. They also serve a specialized niche by manufacturing HVAC products for facilities requiring sterile environments, such as hospitals and laboratories. In business since 1924, AJ Manufacturing is a lean, just-in-time manufacturer that continues to produce some of the world’s best commercial stainless steel HVAC products.

Their strong growth meant AJ Manufacturing had to find ways to increase capacity and reduce costs, and they continued to seek new ways to diversify their client base and generate new sales. They found Missouri Enterprise has just the expertise and experience they needed.

Missouri Enterprise project managers used a sophisticated benchmarking tool, the Transformation Planner, to identify specific areas to help AJ Manufacturing lower costs and increase profitability. They also conducted a customer satisfaction study to measure company performance and the results were among the best scores Missouri Enterprise has seen in decades. Analyzing the study findings, an experienced Missouri Enterprise marketing specialist created a detailed marketing plan to guide the company on its path to continued growth.

“Working with Missouri Enterprise opened our eyes to a number of facts about our operation, both good and bad,” says Bob Haake, President at AJ Manufacturing. “They helped us achieve important improvements to our production processes that will help us increase our output and enhance our quality now and in the future. We are very pleased with how their independent observation and evaluations really helped.” 

Haake reports that working with Missouri Enterprise continues to help AJ Manufacturing open doors to new markets and increase sales. And, he says that they project they’re on goal to increase sales over $700,000 in the next 12 months.