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By Amy Susan, Missouri Enterprise Communications Manager

This week marks the first of many where our offices will no longer be adorned by a bow tie-wearing gentleman by the name of Harold Zinn. For 15 years, Harold has graced the Missouri Enterprise halls (and the entryways, cafeterias, warehouses, offices and other meeting spaces inside many Missouri manufacturing companies) dedicating his skills and talents to build onto our state’s strong manufacturing legacy. Harold retired on June 30th and celebrated his parting with colleagues, who he calls friends, over a BBQ meal cooked up by our in-house chef and Area Business Manager Ned Blome. 

Launching several strategic initiatives and marketing plans, managing and mentoring over a dozen of staff throughout the years, and serving on the leadership team, Harold has been an instrumental member of Missouri Enterprise since 2002. With a focus on enhancing the support for Missouri’s manufacturers, he forged new partnerships and worked tirelessly to strengthen relationships with existing partners.

(Caption: Harold Zinn at his celebratory lunch with Missouri Enterprise team at Rolla office.)

“At Missouri Enterprise Harold was always the steady, calm force in the storm, always caring, compassionate, and empathetic. Unlike most of us, he thinks before he speaks. He remembers not only names and faces but something unique about the person that makes them who they are,” said Jeanne Wagner, Chief Financial Officer of Missouri Enterprise.

“We are so fortunate to have had Harold's influence on our culture here at Missouri Enterprise. Harold is a unique individual; he has never been focused on the finish line of retirement because he enjoys the journey of life too much,” said CEO & President of Missouri Enterprise Dusty Cruise. “Although we will miss Harold's presence around here, his years of dedication to this organization and love for manufacturing will be felt for years to come. We wish Harold the very best as he makes lasting memories with his family and friends.”

Harold is a seasoned communications professional, who for more than 40 years, has created and managed public and media relations, advertising, internal communications and legislative outreach programs, for both private and not-for-profit organizations in the healthcare, financial, manufacturing and hospitality sectors. He holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and is a member of the Public Relations Society of America. Harold plans to travel more with his wife Doris and spend more time with his children and grandchildren who reside in the state of California and Kansas City, Mo.

Missouri Enterprise will continue to consult with Harold following his retirement, which became official at the start of this month. He will be missed by many and always remembered as the manufacturing man with a bow tie.

(Caption: Harold Zinn on his last official day with Missouri Enterprise as COO.)