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By Stacey Marler, Missouri Enterprise Project Manager 

Having problems getting noticed on the internet?  Have you ever wondered how to “Get on Google”?  Google has recently simplified the way to do this and more with a program called “Google My Business”.  With Google My Business you are able to update all your company information in one easy location so potential customers are able to find you easily.

Let’s look at some of the key reasons why you should register your business with Google My Business:

  1. Cost – Anyone can use Google My Business for free. Really, can it be any better?
  2. Your business appears front and center – Google My Business gets you in front of your customers. You’ll stand out, whether people are looking for you on Google Search or Maps.  All of your important business information is displayed to the right of a Google search or at the top of a mobile search for easy access.
  3. People find you easily – You can set your company’s hours, contact info, and more. Customers find the right info, right at their fingertips — and can get in touch with just a click.  Whether a customer wants to call you, get directions or visit our website; your information is easily accessible.
  4. Photos – Photos show customers what make you unique.  Share what’s best about your business. Or, take people on a virtual tour and open your doors to customers before they arrive.  Google has created an easy way to display your business by allowing you to upload photos in the following categories:
    1. Profile Photo – Your profile photo will help people recognize your business across Google.
    2. Logo – Your logo will help customers recognize your brand.
    3. Interior Photos –  Interior photos help your customers get a feel for the ambiance and decor of your business.
    4. Exterior Photos –  Exterior photos help customers recognize your business as they approach from different directions.
    5. Photos at Work – Capture photos of the specialty services you deliver.  Photos help customers quickly understand the type of work you do.
    6. Team Photos – Team photos are important to present a more personal side of your establishment.  Show yourself and any staff to highlight your personalities and give potential clients a feel for what you're like.
    7. Additional photos – They even include a section for photos that don’t fit in the other categories.
  5. Google Maps – Do you have problems with customers trying to find your location?  Plant your flag! When prospective customers seek you out on Google Maps, help ensure that their first encounters are great ones.  With Google My Business you are allowed to update your pin location on Google Maps creating an accurate business location and to also show your business icon on Google Maps.
  6. Reviews – Happy customers do the talking for you.  Show off your great reviews and let your customers tell their stories to the world.
  7. Virtual tour – Give people a virtual welcome to your business.  Connect with photographers who can help you create a 360-degree virtual tour of your business. Anytime people search for you, they’ll be able to see it all up close.
  8. Google Insights – Ever wonder how many people see your business when it is searched.  Google insights will let you analyze how many times your business and contents were viewed.  It even allows you to see if the customer clicked for driving directions, call your business or visited your website.

Google My Business is quickly becoming the modern form of the Yellow Pages.  Roughly 70% of online searches are done using Google, and 1 of 5 of those searches are related to a business.  As you can see there are many benefits for getting your business registered and you need to start today.  To get started all you need is a Google account and visit to begin the process.