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By Amy Susan, Missouri Enterprise Communications Manager

See first hand how our Lean simulation works... and then doesn't work as company team members tackle inefficiencies together.

We’ve all had bosses like Mr. Buzz who tells you to do things the same ole’ way because it’s always been done that way. And this Mr. Buzz is no different and he is all about making money.

We are all guilty of being Mr. or Ms. Buzz from time to time, especially when faced with challenges or change. The easy answer is to resort back to our comfort zone rather than to embrace new ideas. Here, these folks are learning about concepts that will help improve their work, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and achieve customer satisfaction. If we all dedicate just a few moments a day to improvement, we can become “champions of change”.


A Lean Simulation: Working for Mr. Buzz from Missouri Enterprise on Vimeo.

Learn about how to work with purpose and feel empowered. Take part in a Lean Simulation with our team and other manufacturers who can relate to the struggle of inefficiency.  You can check out our events calendar or reach out to our team to set up a simulation at your company. With workforce shortages throughout the industry and baby boomers approaching retirement, change is coming. In fact, it’s already here. How LEAN is your shop?

As always, thanks to our in-house Mr. Buzz, Stacey Marler and our Lean instructors/experts, LauraLee Rose, David Felin, Dave Goebel, and Joe Bullinger.