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By David Goebel, Missouri Enterprise Project Manager

The available employee pool has presented many of our Missouri manufacturers with a significant challenge:  Finding good people who will grow with us as we grow the business.

At the request of the Central Workforce Investment Board, Missouri Enterprise has developed a training course to prepare unemployed workers for manufacturing jobs. To date, the two-day course has been presented with great success to students in Columbia and Potosi, Missouri. Additional training classes are planned for mid-December, 2016 and dates to be determined in 2017.

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Blueprint Reading – provides insight into how engineering drawings are constructed including various views, lines, tolerances, etc.

  • Measuring – covers the use of measuring tools such as tape measures, scales, micrometers, and calipers.

  • Professional Behavior – covers how workers should act in the workplace and the employer’s expectations.

  • Communication – provides insight into the components of communication and how to communicate effectively.

  • Teamwork – covers team components, dynamics, and behavior.

  • Lean Overview – provides an overview of Lean terminology and concepts.

  • Introduction to Manufacturing – provides an overview of a manufacturing environment by following a product from order to shipment through a manufacturing system.

  • Problem Solving – covers how to define, measure, and analyze problems as well as how to implement improvements and ensure that improvements are sustained.

As a part of its continuing mission to Help Missouri Manufacturers Succeed, Missouri Enterprise is proud to have helped develop and present this initiative.  Designed to help those in the unemployed workforce to learn some of the basics to make them better hiring prospects, this course can also be a huge benefit for your existing employee team!  

Contact your Missouri Enterprise local Area Business Manager at (800) 956-2682 to learn more about how preparing your workers can help you reduce turnover, enhance employee loyalty and achieve better production from your people.