Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing: A Critical Overview

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The manufacturing sector is foundational to the U.S. economy, providing vital jobs and driving innovation. However, it faces significant challenges, including a skills gap, supply chain vulnerabilities, and rapid technological changes. The Manufacturing Extension Partnership National Network (MEPNN) presents an analysis of these issues and the strategies to address them, as outlined in their detailed report, which is available for … Read More


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ABOUT CARMECO. The town of Lebanon in central Missouri is home to this constantly growing stamping and metal fabrication company. From its humble beginnings in 1970, Carmeco has grown to become an industry leading supplier of parts and components for some of the biggest names in the automotive industry. They also serve a variety of OEM niches that require extremely … Read More

Don’t Make a Pantomime Out of a Crisis- Exploring the Concept of Just Enough Desirable Inventory [JEDI!]

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T. Gordon, CPIM-F Kipling’s poignant line, “But to stand and be still to the Birken’ead drill is a damn tough bullet to chew”[1] would probably sum up the feelings of most manufacturing professionals when they consider the messes that are the current supply channels.  This situation has been exacerbated by the fact that most inventory models are versions of “Just … Read More

Lean Manufacturing & Supply Chain Training Helps PRIER Thrive with Sustained Growth.

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ABOUT PRIER. Located in Grandview, Missouri, PRIER manufactures residential outdoor faucets, commercial and ground hydrants, plumbing brass, drainage products and specialty valves. Since its beginnings in 1881, PRIER has earned a reputation for providing top-tier products with outstanding customer service and industry-leading turnaround times. The company has continued to grow its operations in the Kansas City area with three facilities … Read More

ISO Certified Diode Dynamics Makes it Better in the USA.

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ABOUT DIODE DYNAMICS.  St. Louis County, Missouri is home to this highly successful company.  Knowing that if you want it to be the best, you have to make it yourself, Diode Dynamics prides itself on being a top-quality domestic manufacturer of LED lighting products for the automotive industry – one of very few companies manufacturing such products on U.S. soil.  … Read More

Steinerz is a Small-Town Metal Cutting & Fab Shop with Big-Time ISO Capabilities

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ABOUT STEINERZ LLC.  Located in the central Missouri town of High Point, SteinerZ LLC specializes in CNC laser cutting, robotic welding, CNC metal forming and metal fabrication.  They also offer CAD drawing services to assist customers with product design and specifications.  Since it started in 2010, SteinerZ has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and in its people, ensuring they have … Read More

Logo & Website Project Casts New Rod Float into Profitable Waters

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ABOUT UTOPIA ENTERPRISES.  Inventor Eric Williams turned a lost, sunken fishing rod into a profitable product with his innovative idea for a fishing rod float.  Eric partnered with friend and venture capitalist, Trasey Green, and together got to work producing 500 prototype models made to their specifications. They canvassed local fishing spots and within a few short weeks, they sold … Read More

Thermavant Grows Efficiency & Profitability with ERP Implementation

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ABOUT THERMAVANT TECHNOLOGIES.  ThermAvant Technologies, in Columbia, Missouri, designs, models and manufactures thermal-mechanical structures embedded with the oscillating heat pipe (OHP) technology for compact, high power density opto-electronic and power-energy systems.  Their advanced oscillating heat pipes (OHPs) use pressure-driven, two-phase fluid flow to rapidly transfer heat between heat sources and heat sinks. They can be built in materials, fluids, shapes, … Read More

New Brand & Website Opens Profitable Doors for L&R Industries

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ABOUT L&R INDUSTRIES.  L&R Industries started in 1969 as a little welding and metal fabrication shop serving their local community.  Owned and operated by the Jones family, the company has always stressed the importance of providing top-quality products and services their customers truly need, and that approach has helped them grow dramatically through the decades.  L&R’s family of 9 divisions … Read More