Midwest Manufacturers Trade Show & Conference

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The Midwest Manufacturers Trade Show & Conference brings together manufacturers, suppliers, industry experts, advanced technologies, and support services from across the Midwest for two days of learning, sharing and connecting. In today’s highly competitive world of change and uncertainty, those who build trust, lead with courage, and collaborate with others will dodge the missiles of adversity and win. This year’s theme, Never Fly … Read More

Global Entrepreneurship Week – #KC

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Global Entrepreneurship Week – #KC (Nov. 13-19) is the metro’s largest multiday educational event to help doers, dreamers and makers start and grow their businesses and side hustles. To attend at no cost, sign up and build your #GEWKC schedule from 110+ sessions at gewkc.com/sched. As always, this conference is 100% no cost to attendees. Our focus is, of course, business … Read More

Discover the Future of Manufacturing: Smart Manufacturing Showcase at SIUE

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Register for this event poised to redefine your manufacturing strategies! Join us, IMEC, SIUE and CESMII for a day dedicated to Smart Manufacturing, meticulously tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:  Experience the Pinnacle of Technology: Witness the latest Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies in live action. These innovations are poised … Read More

2023 Mid-America Trade Summit

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Each fall, the MU International Trade Center, along with trade assistance partners from across the region, hosts the Mid-America Trade Summit. The Summit provides a unique opportunity to bring together top exporters, global trade leaders and trade assistance providers from across Mid-America. Outstanding exporters from across Mid-America are invited to share their export stories — highlighting “best practices” and lessons learned that have … Read More

Frontline Leader Development Bootcamp

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The Frontline Leader Development Bootcamp is a four-session bootcamp designed to develop frontline workers into frontline leaders. Leadership is a continual journey. This bootcamp takes you through the Foundation of Communication, helping leaders recognize the role of emotional intelligence, engaging the “head” and the “heart” to build and retain your workforce, Coaching in the moment to be able to approach most any situation, recognize and Resolve … Read More

Cyber Hygiene Boot Camp

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No cost and open to the Public A small business cybersecurity and information protection Ask-Me-Anything with Kelley Kiernan – DAF CISO’s Blue Cyber Director. September 26 11am to 3pm Eastern. A Boot Camp! DAF CISO’s Blue Cyber “No Phishing Here! Let’s get you the information and training you need to protect your U.S. Small Business from social engineering!”: with a … Read More

Aerospace Special Processes Suppliers Summit

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What is Aerospace Special Processes Suppliers Summit? ASPSS is a unique venue in the US and offers a matchmaking event dedicated to surface treatment and finishing capabilities for aerospace manufacturing. The event focuses on chemical processes, heat treatment, materials testing, surface enhancement and related services. ASPSS is an opportunity for manufacturing engineers, fabrication, supply chain teams and vetted suppliers to … Read More

Great Game of Business Conference

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Business As The New Educators For 31 years, The Great Game of Business Conference™ has brought together industry thought-leaders from around the world to learn, be inspired, and make connections that empower companies to do business differently by educating, empowering, and engaging everyone on what it takes to WIN at business. This year we’re placing an emphasis on education, with … Read More

Missouri Association of Manufacturers – EHS Conference

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This EHS Conference is the premier gathering of safety professionals, experts, and thought leaders who share a passion for advancing environmental, health, and safety practices in the industry. This 2-Day EHS Conference will feature:  ⚙️Two Keynote Presentations ⚙️10+ Breakout Sessions ⚙️30+ Safety Exhibitors ⚙️MAM’s Safety Awards Adams Pointe Conference Center1400 NE Coronado Drive, Blue Springs, MO 64014September 19 & 20, 2023

The Great Game Experience Workshop

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Does your business feel chaotic – like you’re always putting out fires? Experience something greater The Great Game of Business is a growth system designed to build healthier companies, better businesses, and better lives. We use streamlined processes to get workforce cultures engaged with company’s financial goals. Over the past 40 years we’ve learned the best way to grow a … Read More