Supply Chain 101: An Introduction to Supply Chain Strategy

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In today’s changing environment, managing supply chains has become increasingly complex. It’s common for leaders to feel confused about where to start and what steps to take in order to improve their organization’s supply chain. To help manufacturers better understand the basics of a well-managed supply chain and identify where resources should be focused to bring the most benefit to their … Read More

ISO 13485 for Medical Devices and Equipment

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Medical device manufacturing is among the most regulated sectors, demanding strict adherence to quality systems and product standards. These regulations aim to guarantee that manufacturers consistently develop, produce, and distribute medical devices that meet safety standards and fulfill their intended functions. ISO 13485 provides a framework for implementing and maintaining a comprehensive quality management system tailored to the specific needs of … Read More

Demystifying Exports: An Intro to International Trade

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What do businesses really need to know to sell internationally? In this program, you will learn the elements of export-readiness, have the opportunity to assess your company’s readiness to export, identify knowledge gaps and learn about an online export business planning tool and resources to build a robust export strategy for your business. You will leave knowing the steps and … Read More

Aerospace & Defense Suppliers Summit (A&DSS) Seattle

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We are reaching out to select manufacturers in Missouri to extend an exclusive invitation to the 7th edition of the Aerospace & Defense Suppliers Summit (A&DSS), taking place in Seattle from March 12-14, 2024. This invitation is specifically for businesses holding an ISO or AS9100 certification, as this is a prerequisite for participation in the event. Why Attend A&DSS Seattle? Participation Details: … Read More

Midwest Manufacturers Trade Show & Conference

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The Midwest Manufacturers Trade Show & Conference brings together manufacturers, suppliers, industry experts, advanced technologies, and support services from across the Midwest for two days of learning, sharing and connecting. In today’s highly competitive world of change and uncertainty, those who build trust, lead with courage, and collaborate with others will dodge the missiles of adversity and win. This year’s theme, Never Fly … Read More

Global Entrepreneurship Week – #KC

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Global Entrepreneurship Week – #KC (Nov. 13-19) is the metro’s largest multiday educational event to help doers, dreamers and makers start and grow their businesses and side hustles. To attend at no cost, sign up and build your #GEWKC schedule from 110+ sessions at As always, this conference is 100% no cost to attendees. Our focus is, of course, business … Read More

Discover the Future of Manufacturing: Smart Manufacturing Showcase at SIUE

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Register for this event poised to redefine your manufacturing strategies! Join us, IMEC, SIUE and CESMII for a day dedicated to Smart Manufacturing, meticulously tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:  Experience the Pinnacle of Technology: Witness the latest Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies in live action. These innovations are poised … Read More

2023 Mid-America Trade Summit

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Each fall, the MU International Trade Center, along with trade assistance partners from across the region, hosts the Mid-America Trade Summit. The Summit provides a unique opportunity to bring together top exporters, global trade leaders and trade assistance providers from across Mid-America. Outstanding exporters from across Mid-America are invited to share their export stories — highlighting “best practices” and lessons learned that have … Read More

Frontline Leader Development Bootcamp

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The Frontline Leader Development Bootcamp is a four-session bootcamp designed to develop frontline workers into frontline leaders. Leadership is a continual journey. This bootcamp takes you through the Foundation of Communication, helping leaders recognize the role of emotional intelligence, engaging the “head” and the “heart” to build and retain your workforce, Coaching in the moment to be able to approach most any situation, recognize and Resolve … Read More

Cyber Hygiene Boot Camp

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No cost and open to the Public A small business cybersecurity and information protection Ask-Me-Anything with Kelley Kiernan – DAF CISO’s Blue Cyber Director. September 26 11am to 3pm Eastern. A Boot Camp! DAF CISO’s Blue Cyber “No Phishing Here! Let’s get you the information and training you need to protect your U.S. Small Business from social engineering!”: with a … Read More