Industry 4.0 (I4.0)

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IN SEARCH OF: Is your company a bio-manufacturer, a medical device manufacturer, in the life sciences industry, or a company that is a direct supplier of medical equipment or supplies? IF YES – Missouri Enterprise is conducting a NO COST Industry 4.0 survey that will include a complete report showing how well your company is prepared to incorporate technology in … Read More

Concept to Reality: Manufacturing Technologies Go Mainstream

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By Bob Beckmann, article for Ag Innovator Magazine. When Henry Ford optimized his assembly line some 100 years ago, the changes and advances he made quickly left the confines of the four walls of his factory and became the fuel for an industrial revolution we have been optimizing ever since. Now we see changes driven by technology. Concepts that were … Read More

SHOW ME COBOTS NOW: A Great (Surprisingly Doable!) Workforce Solution for these Troubled Times.

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By Bob Beckmann, Missouri Enterprise Project Manager What once seemed like science fiction is quickly losing the fiction and is a part of many manufacturing facilities today.  Robots, or more specifically cobots (collaborative robots) have been around for a while, but adoption has been slow, including in our Show Me state of Missouri, where we need to see it with … Read More

3 Tips to Save Energy/$ in Your Facility

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By Bob Beckmann, Certified Energy Manager & Engineer for Missouri Enterprise We are all here in Missouri together—which means we are used to the everchanging and unpredictable weather. It rains one day, followed by a heatwave and then our week is capped off with…what…snow?! This is all pretty typical for us Missourians. We may not be able to accurately forecast … Read More

Product Development: Are You a Gatekeeper or Keymaster?

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By Bob Beckmann, Missouri Enterprise Project Manager and Certified Energy Manager Are you a gatekeeper who monitors and assesses ideas before you let them pass through to the next stage of development…or are you the keymaster, the one who holds all the keys and tells people “get this into production and sell it?” Both approaches can work of course, but the … Read More

Energy – Waste Not, Want Not: Big Savings are Often Hiding

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By Bob Beckmann, Missouri Enterprise Project Manager and Certified Energy Manager It is a New Year and time for a New Year’s resolution.  The most frequent personal resolution is to lose weight.   A company does not measure improvement by the size of its waist but rather by the size of its waste – so maybe a corporate resolution may be in … Read More