Don’t Make a Pantomime Out of a Crisis- Exploring the Concept of Just Enough Desirable Inventory [JEDI!]

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T. Gordon, CPIM-F Kipling’s poignant line, “But to stand and be still to the Birken’ead drill is a damn tough bullet to chew”[1] would probably sum up the feelings of most manufacturing professionals when they consider the messes that are the current supply channels.  This situation has been exacerbated by the fact that most inventory models are versions of “Just … Read More

Supplier Nightmares? Don’t Panic – Plan for Tomorrow.

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Supply Chain Nightmare

Tom Gordon, CPIM-F Two questions are fighting each other in the nightmares of supply management: – “When will this craziness end? and “How can we prepare for the change?” There is a fact that must be faced – the old ‘normality’ will not be the new ‘normal’.  There are some very good reasons for this.  A major reason is the … Read More

Not So Much a Chain, More a Wild and Wasteful Stream! Who Will Build the “Grand Coulee Dam”?

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Tom Gordon, CPIM-F It will soon be Christmas but, if current reports of supply disruption are credible, then it is not only Tiny Tim’s stocking that will be empty on Christmas morning! If Tiny Tim is expecting a NIKE product in his stocking, he should take heed of Matthew Friend’s statement: “We are not immune to the global supply chain … Read More

What You Need to Know to Implement Your ERP Plan – Session 3

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This session covers what you need to know to successfully implement your ERP system including dangers to watch out for, getting your people involved and bought in, criteria for success, training and more. It’s a business system NOT an IT project. Systems Requirement Document. Project charger and steering committee of users. Budget and expected ROI. Project plan and achievable milestones. … Read More

How to Plan for Your ERP Dream – Session 2

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Instructor Tom Gordon guides you the fundamentals on how to successfully implement ERP at your organization without sinking the ship. Tom will share his first-hand experience on successful ERP selection and deployment. “We’ve domesticated it but will never tame it”. A real-life case study. All ERP systems work but how well will the fit into in your environment? Understanding your … Read More

Why Pursue the ERP Dream – Session 1

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Never the shrinking violet, instructor Tom Gordon bluntly asks, “Why would you want to spend all this money on something that can cause disruption and lower morale?” Tom will cover the first phases of your ERP dream with a thorough review of the benefits of implementing ERP and how it can be transformative for your business. Review of manufacturing control … Read More

Total Cost of Ownership – Let’s Not Fool Ourselves Webinar

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Presented by Missouri Enterprise’s own supply chain expert extraordinaire, Tom Gordon, this insightful webinar will make you think. As Tom so astutely puts it, “Let’s not fool ourselves”. As a manufacturing business owner or procurement professional, you should get beyond the concept of “hidden costs” and arm yourself with information to avoid them. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the … Read More

Mitigating Supply Chain Risk in Today’s Uncertain World Webinar

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supply chain in Missouri

We’re sure you’ll enjoy Tom’s captivating style as he mixes in a bit of his trademark wry wit while sharing his knowledge and first-hand experience in the world of Supply Chains. You’ll learn his views on how Supply Chain is the foundation for a smooth manufacturing operation, and how disruptions could result in serious profit loss, bottlenecks, compromised quality and … Read More

Risky Business isn’t Good Business

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By T.H.L. Gordon, Missouri Enterprise Project Manager In simplest terms, “risk” can be defined as “the effect of uncertainty on objectives.”  The hard reality of business is that there is no such thing as “the future” in the singular sense.  There are only multiple, unforeseeable futures, which will never lose their capacity to take us by surprise!  The developing history … Read More