Don’t Make a Pantomime Out of a Crisis- Exploring the Concept of Just Enough Desirable Inventory [JEDI!]

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T. Gordon, CPIM-F Kipling’s poignant line, “But to stand and be still to the Birken’ead drill is a damn tough bullet to chew”[1] would probably sum up the feelings of most manufacturing professionals when they consider the messes that are the current supply channels.  This situation has been exacerbated by the fact that most inventory models are versions of “Just … Read More

Lean Manufacturing & Supply Chain Training Helps PRIER Thrive with Sustained Growth.

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ABOUT PRIER. Located in Grandview, Missouri, PRIER manufactures residential outdoor faucets, commercial and ground hydrants, plumbing brass, drainage products and specialty valves. Since its beginnings in 1881, PRIER has earned a reputation for providing top-tier products with outstanding customer service and industry-leading turnaround times. The company has continued to grow its operations in the Kansas City area with three facilities … Read More

Supplier Nightmares? Don’t Panic – Plan for Tomorrow.

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Supply Chain Nightmare

Tom Gordon, CPIM-F Two questions are fighting each other in the nightmares of supply management: – “When will this craziness end? and “How can we prepare for the change?” There is a fact that must be faced – the old ‘normality’ will not be the new ‘normal’.  There are some very good reasons for this.  A major reason is the … Read More

Not So Much a Chain, More a Wild and Wasteful Stream! Who Will Build the “Grand Coulee Dam”?

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Tom Gordon, CPIM-F It will soon be Christmas but, if current reports of supply disruption are credible, then it is not only Tiny Tim’s stocking that will be empty on Christmas morning! If Tiny Tim is expecting a NIKE product in his stocking, he should take heed of Matthew Friend’s statement: “We are not immune to the global supply chain … Read More

CONNEX™ Exchange Center Demonstration Easy to Use, Powerful Tools

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Learn how easy it is to become a power user of the powerful CONNEX™ online tool. It was built to help manufacturers strengthen their supply chain network, promote their capabilities to the manufacturing community and connect with opportunities to help them grow. Join us for an interactive live demonstration of the power of the CONNEX™ Exchange Center to take your … Read More

Get to Know CONNEX™ The Supply Chain Networking Tool to Strengthen Manufacturers

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Spend an interactive hour with us for a live demonstration of the CONNEX™ online database platform built to help manufacturers promote themselves and network in the industry, find local and domestic suppliers, enhance their supply chain strategies and so much more. Join Missouri Enterprise’s Supply Chain Program Manager, Jeff Wilkens, and Alan Davis, President and CEO of CONNEX™, as they … Read More

Total Cost of Ownership – Let’s Not Fool Ourselves Webinar

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Presented by Missouri Enterprise’s own supply chain expert extraordinaire, Tom Gordon, this insightful webinar will make you think. As Tom so astutely puts it, “Let’s not fool ourselves”. As a manufacturing business owner or procurement professional, you should get beyond the concept of “hidden costs” and arm yourself with information to avoid them. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the … Read More

Mitigating Supply Chain Risk in Today’s Uncertain World Webinar

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supply chain in Missouri

We’re sure you’ll enjoy Tom’s captivating style as he mixes in a bit of his trademark wry wit while sharing his knowledge and first-hand experience in the world of Supply Chains. You’ll learn his views on how Supply Chain is the foundation for a smooth manufacturing operation, and how disruptions could result in serious profit loss, bottlenecks, compromised quality and … Read More

Financial Resources Available for PPE Manufacturers in Missouri

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Thanks to the CARES Act funding, the State of Missouri is making $20 million in available to reimburse Missouri companies producing PPE, an ongoing need in the fight against #COVID19. Eligible businesses and nonprofits can receive up to $500,000. PPE Retooling Program The purpose of the Show-Me Strong Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Retooling Program under section 601(a) of the Social Security … Read More

Missouri Enterprise Launches New Workplace Safety Products & Services Directory

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The state’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center, Missouri Enterprise, announced the creation of the Covid-19 Reopening Products & Services Directory to help employers protect their employees on the job while also supporting the manufacturing community in our state. Many Missouri manufacturers stepped up to help fill the PPE supply chain gap to support our medical community in the wake of … Read More