Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Growth & Profit Webinar

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Spend an interactive session with Missouri Enterprise and Patrick Hogan, CEO, of Celbridge Science learning about AI in the workplace. The purpose of the Celbridge Science Artificial Intelligence webinar is to illustrate the transformative impact AI can have on Manufacturing. This new technology offers a range of advanced capabilities, including machine learning, predictive analytics, robotics, and automation, which will enhance … Read More

How to Effectively Attract and Retain Talent

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WHEN: April 21, 2022|1:00 PM CT In this webinar, you’ll learn realistic steps to give your company a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring the right people. Today’s talent market is more chaotic and competitive than ever. With the “Great Resignation,” employers have seen people at all levels leave their jobs in large numbers. Manufacturers across the country report … Read More

Maximizing the Power of eCommerce to Grow Your Business

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Even before the pandemic, eCommerce was a hot topic. Now, with more people than ever purchasing products and services online, it’s even hotter! We’ve had so many manufacturers ask us about selling online that we’ve partnered with eCommerce consultant, Curt Anderson, to present this informative webinar event on how manufacturers can stop being a best kept secret. Curt will help … Read More

CONNEX™ Supply Chain Visualization Tool Demonstration

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CONNEX™ is the innovative, easy to use online solution for connecting and optimizing the supply chain in Missouri and nationally. It provides access to thousands of manufacturers and their capabilities through a searchable supplier database that connects manufacturers, buyers and suppliers to help them strengthen their supply chains and grow profitably. This amazing resource is available to Missouri manufacturers at … Read More

Cobots & Automation in Manufacturing It Might Be Easier than You Think

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You’ve heard about cobots and Robots and Automation. They sound cool, but maybe you feel they’re “out of your league”, or hard to set up and just plain expensive. Now it’s time to know some facts about how cobots have become more affordable and user-friendly. With today’s labor shortages and all the advances in manufacturing automation, it’s no longer a … Read More

What You Need to Know to Implement Your ERP Plan – Session 3

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This session covers what you need to know to successfully implement your ERP system including dangers to watch out for, getting your people involved and bought in, criteria for success, training and more. It’s a business system NOT an IT project. Systems Requirement Document. Project charger and steering committee of users. Budget and expected ROI. Project plan and achievable milestones. … Read More

How to Plan for Your ERP Dream – Session 2

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Instructor Tom Gordon guides you the fundamentals on how to successfully implement ERP at your organization without sinking the ship. Tom will share his first-hand experience on successful ERP selection and deployment. “We’ve domesticated it but will never tame it”. A real-life case study. All ERP systems work but how well will the fit into in your environment? Understanding your … Read More

CONNEX™ Exchange Center Demonstration Easy to Use, Powerful Tools

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Learn how easy it is to become a power user of the powerful CONNEX™ online tool. It was built to help manufacturers strengthen their supply chain network, promote their capabilities to the manufacturing community and connect with opportunities to help them grow. Join us for an interactive live demonstration of the power of the CONNEX™ Exchange Center to take your … Read More

Get to Know CONNEX™ The Supply Chain Networking Tool to Strengthen Manufacturers

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Spend an interactive hour with us for a live demonstration of the CONNEX™ online database platform built to help manufacturers promote themselves and network in the industry, find local and domestic suppliers, enhance their supply chain strategies and so much more. Join Missouri Enterprise’s Supply Chain Program Manager, Jeff Wilkens, and Alan Davis, President and CEO of CONNEX™, as they … Read More

Total Cost of Ownership – Let’s Not Fool Ourselves Webinar

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Presented by Missouri Enterprise’s own supply chain expert extraordinaire, Tom Gordon, this insightful webinar will make you think. As Tom so astutely puts it, “Let’s not fool ourselves”. As a manufacturing business owner or procurement professional, you should get beyond the concept of “hidden costs” and arm yourself with information to avoid them. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the … Read More