Ciona Technologies, a subsidiary of SRC (Springfield Remanufacturing Company), produces a full line of ruggedized remanufactured electronic products including Engine Control Units (ECU’s), turbo charger actuators, in-cab displays, GPS Receivers, sensory equipment and various controllers including hydraulic, transmission, chassis,  3-Point  controllers.  Their strengths include current product improvements, design upgrades and industry leading quality.  Ciona serves OEM partners in the global markets of Agriculture, Construction/Forestry, On- and Off-Road Commercial Vehicles and Industrial Power Systems.  

The company experienced rapid growth, pressing it to efficiently increase capacity and continuously improve their quality management systems.  As a part of their relationship with John Deere, Ciona had to meet the rigid standards of ISO 9001-2008, plus the equally demanding John Deere Standard supplier requirement, JDS-G223.  Missouri Enterprise’s expertise in quality management systems was just what Ciona needed to help guide their management through this demanding process.

The Company’s internal experts and the project managers from Missouri Enterprise, worked together to implement critical processes, perform internal audits, conduct management reviews and ultimately build their Quality Management System to the rigid standards of ISO.  In 2014, Ciona was certified with SAI Global as an ISO 9001-2008 registered company.  Missouri Enterprise’s experts also helped Ciona understand and adopt the best practices they needed to continuously meet and exceed their JDS-G223 supplier requirements.

Ciona projects their work with Missouri Enterprise will lead to an increase in sales of more than $1 Million dollars in the next 12 months. Chris Montgomery, Operations Manager at Ciona, says point blank, “I don’t think we would have been successful without the help of Missouri Enterprise.  I’m incredibly thankful to their project managers for their help on this project.  Their expertise was invaluable.”