Cobots & Automation in Manufacturing It Might Be Easier than You Think

October 12, 2021
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You’ve heard about cobots and Robots and Automation. They sound cool, but maybe you feel they’re “out of your league”, or hard to set up and just plain expensive. Now it’s time to know some facts about how cobots have become more affordable and user-friendly. With today’s labor shortages and all the advances in manufacturing automation, it’s no longer a matter of “if” you’ll bring automated systems into your factory – it’s a matter of “when”.

Missouri Enterprise is proud to partner with FPE Automation to provide manufacturers with this informative introductory overview of cobots and automation in Manufacturing. FPE Automation has been providing Industrial Automation Systems since 1963 and is a recognized expert in everything from automation controls and vision systems to pneumatic products, cobots and more. Presented by Kurt Vaeth, Robotic Solution Specialist, the webinar is a great opportunity for manufacturers to learn more about cobots and get some questions answered by an expert.

This interactive program will cover the role cobots are playing in the everchanging manufacturing production environment, including sections on:

· Universal Robots (Model Types).
· Meaning of “Collaborative” in automation.
· Why cobots are becoming more attractive.
· Industrial vs. Collaborative Robots.
· Various cobot Uses,
· Case Study Overview.
· Labor Shortage & cobots.
· Software types / UR+Platform.
· The matter of when you’ll automate – not if.
· Cobot ROI Overview.
· And more.