CONNEX™ Supply Chain Visualization Tool Demonstration

October 22, 2021
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CONNEX™ is the innovative, easy to use online solution for connecting and optimizing the supply chain in Missouri and nationally. It provides access to thousands of manufacturers and their capabilities through a searchable supplier database that connects manufacturers, buyers and suppliers to help them strengthen their supply chains and grow profitably. This amazing resource is available to Missouri manufacturers at no-cost, exclusively through Missouri Enterprise. (Learn more and connect with us at


0:00 – Intros
7:05 – Connex Missouri Overview
12:34 – Connex Missouri General Demo
23:04 – Connex Missouri Supply Chain Visualization Demo
35:35 – National Database Signup Demo
38:25 – National Database Searches
39:23 – Upcoming Updates to the Databases
42:54 – National Database Searches continued
48:26 – Outro

In this interactive online demo, you’ll learn how to take advantage of the CONNEX™ Supply Chain Visualization tool, one of the system’s most powerful features.

· Identify and mitigate risk in your Supply Chain. Significantly reduce risks related to financial matters, export and trade, single supplier relationships, strategic partner relationships and more.

· Find alternate suppliers. Learn how to automatically identify potential alternate suppliers whose capabilities and certifications match your supply chain needs. The system also lets you quickly review manufacturer profiles to research and evaluate alternate suppliers prior to contacting them.

· Customize Supply Chain visual alerts. Powerful filtering tools and visual alerts allow manufacturers to quickly see and act on potential issues in their supply chain.

Presented by Missouri Enterprise’s Supply Chain Program Manager, Jeff Wilkens, along with Alan Davis, President and CEO of CONNEX™, this interactive webinar offers a live demonstration of the CONNEX™ Supply Chain Visualization tool and shows you how you can use it to your advantage.