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CONNEX™ Missouri. Now Even Better.

The Powerful Supply Chain Connectivity Tool for U.S. Manufacturers.

Tell everyone you know in the manufacturing community to get on board with CONNEX™ and be an active part of the Made-in-the-USA movement. Together we can bring back jobs, fight foreign competition and show the world we make it better in the USA. 

ONE powerful platform - TWO levels of access.

  • CONNEX™ Missouri puts you deeply into the Missouri supply chain network of manufacturers and suppliers. Get unlimited access to the Missouri data within CONNEX™. FREE FOR LIFE for Missouri Manufacturers, courtesy of Missouri Enterprise.
  • CONNEX™ Marketplace covers the entire US. Log in to your CONNEX™ Missouri account to gain access to the platforms national database of U.S. Manufacturers. An incredible value at only $500 per year.

THE RECENT UPGRADES to the CONNEX™ platform are complete, ready for manufacturers to enjoy the new features to network, find suppliers and partners, identify new opportunities and be seen by other manufacturers who need you.

Upgraded features include:

  • Improved user interface with easier and more intuitive navigation.
  • A single combined platform for searching locally and nationally (with national access subscription).
  • A single location to enter profile data. Enter your data once for local and national listing.
  • Access to see and respond to manufacturers needs in other states all within a single platform (with national access subscription).
  • Improved Exchange Center listings management (postings, notifications, responses, etc.)
  • Improved supply chain visualization tools.
  • Added R&D functionality to facilitate collaboration between industry and researchers.

THE Solution for Connecting the U.S. Manufacturing Supply Chain.

The power of state and federal economic development resources and manufacturing partner networks has come together to make this happen.  CONNEX™ is the most advanced supply chain and manufacturing networking database tool ever assembled to connect the U.S. manufacturing supply chain and promote domestic sourcing whenever possible.  Use CONNEX™ Missouri to source and be found locally within the state, and directly connect into the CONNEX™ Marketplace to see, be seen and network nationally.  CONNEX™ was built with the resources to make it the best supply chain tool ever, and unlike other online manufacturing registers and directories, CONNEX™ offers enhanced listings, search access and networking tools to America’s great manufacturers. 



  • 1 database for all U.S. manufacturers. The deepest U.S. Manufacturer search platform available!
  • Powerful Search Capability. Hundreds of searchable classification fields.
  • Allows Industry Buyers, Manufacturers and Suppliers to quickly find and connect based on exact needs.
    • Equipment.
    • Capabilities.
    • Services.
    • Certifications.
    • Location.
    • Set-Aside suppliers (SBA, minority-owned, women-owned, etc.).
  • Utilize CONNEX™ Exchange Center to source needs, requirements, and opportunities.


It’s Time to See & Be Seen:   


  • BE SEEN. Increase your exposure in this heavily promoted national supply chain database for manufacturers.  You’re in!  But it’s up to you to ACCESS YOUR LOGIN & VERIFY your profile today.  The more information you add, the better buyers can match you up with what they need.  
  • Access gives you free search capability to identify and locate local and domestic suppliers with highly specific capabilities, services and products.
  • Tie into the nation’s premier online networking tool for manufacturers to find each other and strengthen the domestic supply chain.




  • CONNEX™ is tightly integrated with and being promoted by local and regional Partner Networks that support manufacturing, including NAM, NIST MEP, State Manufacturing Associations, State MEPs, 100+ state and regional associations, and many others such as Economic Development Offices, Chambers of Commerce and more.
  • CONNEX™ Missouri is available for life to Missouri manufacturers, only through Missouri Enterprise, your MEP National Network Partner.

Connect with your Missouri Enterprise Area Business Manager today to learn more about CONNEX™ Missouri and Get In On It!