• Launching September 1st 2021, CONNEX™ Missouri is a free supply chain database tool provided by Missouri Enterprise in partnership with the Associated Industries of Missouri.

  • CONNEX™ Missouri was designed to help Missouri manufacturers better connect, increase business opportunities, reduce supply chain costs, improve productivity and increase collaboration within regional supply chains.

  • CONNEX™ Missouri gives manufacturers immediate access to information on thousands of Missouri manufacturers—with results filtered to match a company’s specific needs.

  • The platform allows manufacturers to view a company’s assets, certifications, capabilities, and other relevant industry information; it also provides the ability to publish and respond to RFPs, RFQs, RFIs and surplus material lists or equipment.

  • The tool will identify critical strengths and gaps in existing supply ecosystems and grow essential segments in Missouri.

  • Access to CONNEX™ Missouri allows manufacturers to respond when disaster strikes by giving them immediate access to new suppliers or supply chain partners.

  • The CONNEX™ Missouri platform is designed to incorporate the Manufacturing Marketplace developed by the National Association of Manufacturers and will support larger national goals of reshoring and fostering a more substantial U.S. industrial base for critical national industries.

  • The tool will improve the competitiveness of industries in the region and contain indepth information on a broad range of Missouri manufacturers and detailed search functions to highlight specific production capabilities, equipment, material types and more.

  • For Missouri manufacturers wanting to grow or diversify their business—including looking for new capabilities, services, partners or new product development—CONNEX™ Missouri allows them to search for relevant companies that can meet their requirements.

  • Basic search and contact information for Missouri manufacturers will be available to anyone via the search bar or navigation tabs; however, the ability to list detailed information, perform indepth searches, and exchange information is only available to registered Missouri manufacturing businesses.

  • The tool is easy to use and intuitive, and an account can be set up in just a few minutes.

  • Manufacturers wanting to register for the CONNEX™ Missouri database can visit