Social Media Suggestions for Supporting CONNEX™.

When making social media posts, please consider doing the following:

Sample Posts:


  • I support CONNEX™ Missouri, a new supply chain database tool for Missouri manufacturers from @MOEnterprise. Connects manufacturers, suppliers & buyers to help make it in the USA.  Learn more at #CONNEX #Missouri #manufacturers

  • Check out CONNEX™ Missouri-online platform helps manufacturers, suppliers & buyers find each other. You should get it on it.  Follow @MOEnterprise or visit for more info. #CONNEX #Missouri #manufacturers

  • Count me in! CONNEX™ Missouri, a powerful online tool to help manufacturers connect and locate suppliers is available as of September 1st, 2021.  Follow @MOEnterprise for updates or visit #CONNEX #Missouri #manufacturers

  • Supply chain JUST got easier for Missouri manufacturers. Online tool CONNEX™ Missouri helps manufacturers find each other, collaborate and grow. For more info, follow @MOEnterprise or visit #CONNEX #Missouri #manufacturers



  • Manufacturers are the backbone of our state and that’s why I’m pleased to show my support for CONNEX™ Missouri, a powerful online database tool that equips manufacturers with the resources they need to connect, compete and grow. It’s the biggest push EVER to support and strengthen the U.S. Supply Chain, and it’s available to Missouri manufacturers free of charge.  Follow @MissouriEnterprise or visit
  • In the Missouri State Legislature, we work hard to ensure our local districts have the resources they need to thrive. CONNEX™ Missouri is a powerful new database tool that connects manufacturers, buyers and suppliers. It’s a competitive business advantage for our state. Brought to you by @MissouriEnterprise in partnership with @AIMforGoodBiz.

  • CONNEX™ Missouri helps our great Missouri manufacturers find and connect with each other, increase business opportunities and be more easily discovered as suppliers. This incredible resource is being made available at no cost to Missouri manufacturers, and I encourage each of you to sign up today at

  • The COVID‐19 pandemic made it harder than ever for local manufacturers to collaborate and find needed resources. Finally, some real help has arrived. CONNEX™ Missouri, a new online database developed for Missouri manufacturers, is designed to fix that problem. Available as of September 1, 2021, CONNEX™ Missouri gives manufacturers the tools they need to collaborate, grow and capitalize on opportunities in Missouri and nationwide.  Follow at @MissouriEnterprise or visit