Become a Service Provider

Service Provider Partner Opportunities.

At Missouri Enterprise, we have a highly experienced team of expert Project Managers on staff, helping manufacturers succeed in areas such as continuous improvement, quality management, business development and more.  As great as our team is, we can’t be experts in everything, so when we need specialized proficiency to assist Missouri manufacturers, we sometimes partner with others who have specific skillsets and expertise our clients need.  We call these partners service providers, and we value their ability to help us meet the needs of Missouri manufacturers. 

Our successful service providers become true partners, helping us engage with clients to help them succeed, while growing their own businesses profitably too.  It’s a win-win (and win!) situation – the service provider is brought in on new business opportunities, Missouri Enterprise helps fulfill a manufacturer’s need, and most importantly, our client wins when they receive the top-quality assistance they need to get ahead or conquer a problem.

Becoming a Missouri Enterprise Service Partner.

Companies interested in becoming a service partner for Missouri Enterprise begin by completing a Service Provider Application Questionnaire.  We use that information to examine the qualifications of applicants for our approval process.  When a company is approved, we use the provided information to match potential service providers with opportunities as they exist or arise.  When a company is approved and asked to join Missouri Enterprise on a project, they will be required to sign a contract detailing the scope of work and the contract terms and conditions.  Approved service providers are required to complete a W-9 request for taxpayer identification and certification form, and to carry their own liability insurance as set forth in the contract.  Please note that submission and acceptance of the Service Provider Application Questionnaire does not guarantee an applicant will be selected for project work.

For questions or assistance regarding the Service Provider Questionnaire or process, please email Kaylea Pogue at or call 573-308-6152.