DIT-MCO International

April 21, 2016

Kansas City

DIT-MCO International was founded in 1948 as Drive-In Theater Manufacturing Company to make equipment for drive-in theaters. As that market diminished, DIT-MCO reinvented itself and has evolved into a nationally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of high voltage electronic testing equipment and complex wiring harnesses for the aerospace industry.

Its equipment has been used on Atlas, Polaris and Titan missiles, the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft, the space shuttle and nearly every aircraft used by the military.

Recently, DIT-MCO formed an EMMS Division (Electrical, Mechanical Manufacturing Services) for contract manufacturing. With their years of experience in wire testing and high quality manufacturing, they now offer those services to the aircraft and aerospace markets. This includes manufacturing cables, harnesses, panels, electromechanical assemblies and fiber optics.

DIT-MCO, a high tech industry leader that responds to customer needs and changing markets, understands the importance of an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

As part of the commitment, DIT-MCO selected Missouri Enterprise to assist in a “Lean Enterprise” continuous improvement program for its business unit that makes electric wiring harnesses and panels for the airline/aerospace industry.

The first part of that program, creation of current and future state Value Steam Maps has been completed. The future state map is guiding improvement of the unit’s processes from order entry to product shipment. And, currently, Missouri Enterprise is providing additional “Lean Enterprise” Kaizen events and process facilitation support.

While it’s too early to quantify results completely, the company has already seen significant cost savings, creation of several new jobs and “a very good process that has helped us with our continuous improvement efforts,” said Ralph Taylor, company vice president – engineering.