Doyle Equipment Manufacturing Company

June 10, 2016

Doyle Equipment Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer of equipment for blending, conveying, tending and spreading dry fertilizers. Started in 1951, the company has prospered through four generations of the Doyle family, who has shown perceptive leadership with a strong customer focus, allowing them to continuously produce flexible, quality products backed by industry leading service. In 2016, Doyle consolidated most of its manufacturing and administrative functions in Palmyra, Missouri, where it built a new 220,000 square foot facility near its sister company, Riverview Manufacturing, where their spreader line is manufactured.

As the company continued to expand, they faced new challenges, not the least of which was garnering the knowledge and expertise of long serving employees who were nearing retirement. As with any company in this position, the loss of the experience and expertise of critical employees can dramatically impede operational efficiency and productivity, especially as the company expands and prepares for additional growth. To combat the potential loss of tribal knowledge, Doyle wisely decided to introduce an Enterprise Resource

Planning system (ERP) to help them capture and consolidate “islands of information” into one integrated system. Doyle recognized the immensity of the task of properly implementing an ERP, so they turned to Missouri Enterprise for the expert guidance they needed.

Missouri Enterprise Project Managers kicked off the project with a value stream mapping project to determine the internal processes at Doyle and to create and document a project charter. A cross-functional Steering Committee was created, led by the Doyle family leadership team and facilitated by Missouri Enterprise.

The Steering Committee was guided through the basics of Supply Chain Management, the first module of the APICS CPIM (The American Production and Inventory Control Society – Certified Production and Inventory Management). This process allowed the Steering Committee to focus upon the business needs of the users, and to appreciate the requirements for data cleanliness. Missouri Enterprise’s ERP expert, Tom Gordon, helped the Steering Committee identify several key requirements to help them successfully implement their ERP system, including: a powerful computing systems configurator; full exploitation of Doyle’s ATO environment (Assemble To Order); the consolidation of ‘islands of automation’; focus on growth and market potential; a laser-focus on the ‘user-friendliness” of their products.

The Doyle management team offered this comment on the project: “With Missouri Enterprise’s guidance and expertise, we looked at many potential ERP solutions and examined their ability to meet our needs. We decided that to maximize our future growth, the GENIUS™ ERP solution best fit our criteria. We begin implementation of GENIUS in January of 2017, and we’re on the cusp of tremendous growth. Missouri Enterprise was a critical part of our ability to make these big and bold changes to position our company for profitable growth well into the future.”