Bootcamp Basics

In 1968, several engineers started a company to provide outsourced equipment, formulations (Form) and packaging (Pak), thus creating the name FormPak for their company. They quickly evolved into one of the strongest Manufacturer’s Rep firms in the Midwest, with product lines focused on equipment for bulk bag handling, filling and discharging, as well as conveyance and batching systems.  Located in North St. Louis County, FormPak differentiates itself from competitors by designing and providing customized, lower cost bulk bag handling systems, with faster delivery times.

As FormPak continued to grow and evolve, they faced several significant challenges to maximize the efficiency of their operations and increase their bottom line profitability.  They needed help improving their manufacturing processes and workflow systems, while promoting a culture of workplace safety.  Their management and supervisory skills at the plant level also needed an upgrade. 

FormPak called Missouri Enterprise, who sent in their Project Managers to help them assess their needs and make recommendations for improvement.  The process started with an overhaul of their manufacturing processes, followed by the development and implementation of a structured safety program with thorough documentation, and then a recurring set of courses on leadership training for their supervisors.

“We were struggling with our operational processes,” says Larry Markos, co-owner and head of engineering at FormPak.  “Missouri Enterprise Project Managers did a fantastic job helping us develop and implement a system to do things better.  We hit everything from presales and design processes, to parts management, estimating, supply chain and more…and now we feel like we’ve got a much better handle on efficiency, and we’re much better at tracking and understanding our true costs.”

“We also needed to focus on workplace safety, ensuring the well-being of our people and promoting a workplace culture that emphasized safety and operational efficiency,” explains Markos.  “Missouri Enterprise’s Project Manager was a huge help…you could see and feel his enthusiasm and he got everyone excited…it was like a boot camp…and our people embraced it!  He’s also helping us with training for our supervisors…they needed some skills development to help them become respected leaders…and pretty much everyone has bought in.  That’s so important today when hiring and retaining good people is such a challenge.”

“Our work with Missouri Enterprise has been very successful, and it’s the beginning of a long-term relationship,” Markos concludes.  FormPak projects their work with Missouri Enterprise will help them increase sales by hundreds of thousands of dollars in the coming years.