Get to Know CONNEX™ The Supply Chain Networking Tool to Strengthen Manufacturers

September 2, 2021
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Spend an interactive hour with us for a live demonstration of the CONNEX™ online database platform built to help manufacturers promote themselves and network in the industry, find local and domestic suppliers, enhance their supply chain strategies and so much more. Join Missouri Enterprise’s Supply Chain Program Manager, Jeff Wilkens, and Alan Davis, President and CEO of CONNEX™, as they walk you through the capabilities of this amazing, user-friendly system designed to help manufacturers strengthen their supply chain and source domestic. The session will cover the following topics: · Introduction to CONNEX™ Missouri & Manufacturers Marketplace. · Getting connected with your CONNNEX™ Missouri login. · Updating and managing your company profile listing to highlight the specific capabilities, products and services you want to promote. · Searching for suppliers, buyers and opportunities. · Expanding your reach nationally with your seamless connection to Manufacturers Marketplace. · Using system networking tools to interact with other manufacturers and suppliers to build relationships, promote your capabilities and find new business. · Exploring the system’s visual supply chain management tools to help you strengthen your supply chain and mitigate risk.