Hanna Rubber Company

June 10, 2016

Kansas City

Hanna Rubber Company of Kansas City, Missouri has been manufacturing and distributing industrial rubber and plastic products since the late 1920’s. Over the years, Hanna has grown into a major supplier of standard and specialized rubber products to the construction, automotive, military, industrial and manufacturing industries. They have always prided themselves on the excellence of their employees, whose extensive product knowledge and dedication to service are reasons the company has become “America’s First Choice for Rubber and Plastic Products”.

Always seeking to grow, Hanna saw potential new sales opportunities if they completed their ISO certification. It’s a complicated process, and they knew it would be helpful to have critical outside eyes review their operations and show them a path to achieve the proper ISO certifications.

Missouri Enterprise and their team of experts was just what Hanna Rubber Company needed. The Missouri Enterprise team went on site to conduct an ISO 9001:2008 Gap Analysis to help the company set a benchmark for their current operational systems and identify where they needed to make changes to meet the specifications for ISO certification. The project identified several areas for improvement, and Missouri Enterprise’s project managers clearly explained where the gaps were, and what Hanna needed to implement to achieve certification. The project managers provided written materials, PowerPoint presentations and other topical information to help the team at Hanna understand where and why changes needed to be implemented.

“I felt good about it,” says Scott Assyia, Vice President at Hanna Rubber Company. “We really needed a qualified third party to look at it and give us a line to say ‘we’re here’ and ‘this is where you need to go’. Missouri Enterprise did a great job, and we’re excited about moving forward.”

Hanna Rubber Company projects that through their work with Missouri Enterprise they will see an increase in sales of over $40,000 in the next 12 months, an exceptional return on their investment.