How to Plan for Your ERP Dream – Session 2

September 27, 2021
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Instructor Tom Gordon guides you the fundamentals on how to successfully implement ERP at your organization without sinking the ship. Tom will share his first-hand experience on successful ERP selection and deployment. “We’ve domesticated it but will never tame it”. A real-life case study. All ERP systems work but how well will the fit into in your environment? Understanding your particular needs and circumstances. What must be changed. Local limitations – what worked one place might not work for you. Managing change in your organization through true leadership. Preparation and acceptance. “Voting with their feet.” Gaming the system – pretending to use new methods but sticking to the old ways – at great cost. Aggressive compliance and the problem of middle management. SERIES OVERVIEW: Done right, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems implementation can positively transform your organization to compete at a much higher level. ERP can become your bridge over troubled waters that are fraught with operational inefficiencies that keep you from realizing your profitable growth potential. Done wrong, ERP deployment can be a costly, disruptive and unrewarding undertaking with little to no measurable ROI (or worse!). The ERP webinar series is designed to help you get ERP right. Your presenter is Missouri Enterprise’s own Tom Gordon, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable ERP experts in the business. With Tom leading the way there’s rarely a dull moment as he regales you with real-life examples, casts memorable metaphors to keep you focused on what’s important, and shares a wealth of knowledge you can tap into when you join in. Each hour-long session will pass quickly so come ready to take notes! Learn more about each session and sign up for them all or choose your hottest topic.