Job Posting – MTC Venture Associate

September 2, 2022
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The Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC) is a public-private partnership created by the Missouri
General Assembly to promote entrepreneurship and foster the growth of new and emerging high-tech
companies in the State of Missouri. MTC seeks a highly motivated, self-driven, organized candidate ideally
with strong ties to the Missouri entrepreneurial ecosystems to oversee the management of our earlystage investment portfolio and to recruit new investment opportunities in the State’s most promising
early-stage technology companies.

This is an ideal position for candidates interested in gaining hands-on experience in early-stage investing
and venture capital. Specifically, candidates that have completed formal coursework on relevant topics,
have worked or volunteered with Angel Groups, seed-stage venture funds, or have participated in
experiential learning courses such as student-led venture funds.

Please note that MTC has a residency requirement. All candidates must currently be a resident of
Missouri or willing to relocate immediately to qualify for the position.

Additionally, the pay scale for this position is closer to that of a state agency or non-profit rather than a
for-profit venture fund. Please note that MTC does not collect a carry on its investments, therefore
compensation for the position will not include a share of the carry.

Established in 1994, MTC provides statewide leadership in the entrepreneurial community through
strategic investments by its IDEA Fund, a statewide venture capital fund; its Missouri Building
Entrepreneurial Capacity (MOBEC) program to invest in entrepreneur support programs and
infrastructure; and the local innovation center programs. The IDEA Fund launched in 2010 has backed
some of Missouri’s most successful technology startup companies and now represents a portfolio of over
135 companies. IDEA Fund portfolio companies have leveraged over $1Bn in private capital and the direct
investment activities have supported the growth of some of Missouri’s most high-profile and successful
technology startups of the past decade, including Benson Hill Biosystems, PayIt, LockerDome,
MediBeacon, Newsy, and Confluence Life Sciences. The IDEA Fund has been recognized by the U.S.
Department of Treasury as one of the most successful state-backed programs for attracting private capital
to grow early-stage technology companies, and by PitchBook for being among the most active venture
capital funds in Missouri.