Join Missouri S&T for a Manufacturing Day celebration – and learn from world-class leaders!

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MS&T Manufacturing Day 2022

Missouri S&T would like to invite you to attend our Manufacturing Day celebration on October 7.  The leaders of the world-famous Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC) in Sheffield, UK will serve as keynote speakers.  Starting from an abandoned mining hillside in Sheffield, the AMRC has become the world’s most successful advanced manufacturing R&D Center proving the value of industry, university, government partnerships to promote manufacturing excellence.  The keynote speakers will be describing the history of the AMRC, the challenges that we can expect in replicating the AMRC model in Missouri, and what’s next for the AMRC!  In addition, speakers from Missouri S&T and our partners will talk about our own exciting initiatives for enhancing manufacturing in Missouri, and a panel who will be discussing the future for the state of advanced manufacturing and workforce development in Missouri. Please see a link below to learn more about the event and feel free to pass this along to interested parties.

Manufacturing Day – Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies | Missouri S&T (