Business Plans


Business Plans for Success & Bankability.

Missouri Enterprise has been helping manufacturers produce effective business plans for decades. We understand the manufacturing industry and how successful manufacturing operations run and do business, so we’re an ideal partner to help you develop your Business Plan. We also understand the importance of bankability, and how your Business Plan is a written tool used to positively present your business to investors, venture capitalists and banking institutions. Whether it’s for a new business venture, an expansion or to plan your ongoing strategic direction and growth, a well-researched, detailed Business Plan will help you define your objectives and outline your path to success.

Business Plan Components.

  • Business overview including details on the products and services the company will be able to offer.
  • Market Research target market identification.
  • Business and Industry overview of current trends in relevant markets.
  • Competitor analysis of leading products and brands in target markets.
  • Product differentiation and competitive advantages.
  • Marketing Plan.
    • Target Markets.
    • Marketing Vehicles.
    • Strategies.
  • Financial Plan.
    • Funding Requirements.
    • Financial Statement Analysis.
  • Operating Plan.
    • Physical location(s).
    • Facilities and Equipment.
    • Staffing Requirements.
    • Inventory Requirements.
    • Supply Chain and Suppliers.
    • Manufacturing Processes.
  • SWOT Analysis to determine Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats associated with the venture.

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