Lean Leadership Helps You Retain Good People and Drives Success.

With today’s Workforce pool, the tight job market and the skills gap making it such a challenge to find and hire good people, there’s never been a better time to bring Lean Leadership Principles into your organization.  The positive workplace environment and team culture created when management uses Lean Leadership techniques makes your company a better place to work, enhancing employee loyalty and retention, and reducing costly turnover and loss of tribal knowledge.


Stop Giving Orders and Help People Succeed. 

Avoid the crippling effects of micromanagement and stop giving orders with a Lean Leadership style.  The concept is simple:  Instead of “bossing people around,” you ask questions, seek people’s input, invite them into the decision-making processes that impact their job, and actually get to know people at all levels of the company.  There’s an old axiom that says, “Managers know people’s names.  Leaders know their stories.”  That matters.  Remember, even if you’re the leader of the team, you’re still a member of the team, and teams that know each other well and work together perform their best.  When you help people succeed, you help your company improve quality, maximize operational efficiency and increase profitability. 

Teach by Asking Questions and Offer Positive Reinforcement.

Lean Leadership principles focus on coaching rather than “telling,” and part of that approach is to teach by asking questions.  Whether you know the solution or not, ask a team member questions about a problem or initiative and get their input, rather than just telling them what to do to achieve a goal.  Treat people as people, give them respect, offer encouraging words and appropriate praise in front of others whenever possible, all of which encourages people to engage and to think.  Show people you trust them to know what they’re doing.  The results can be infectious, encouraging team members at all levels to work together and all push in the same direction, focused on what’s best for the company as a whole.

Lean Leadership Development:  When People Succeed, You Succeed.

A primary goal is to raise new leaders within your organization by helping people learn through coaching, asking questions and encouraging people to think so they take ownership of their tasks and embrace a culture of continuous improvement.  Lean Leaders understand that when their people succeed, they succeed. 
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