Lean Supervision Improves Productivity & Employee Retention.

One of the most important areas to focus on when implementing Lean Manufacturing principles at your facility is your front-line, shop level supervision. Your team leaders are a critical part of your Lean Deployment efforts, as they are in the trenches working right where the work happens.  Training your supervisors and managers Lean Supervision techniques and principles empowers them to fully participate in your Lean Journey and to help team members understand and embrace Lean principles.

Train Supervisors to Carry Organizational Objectives to the Shop Floor.

Your manufacturing facility’s Lean Transformation needs leadership, starting from the C-Level and integrating all the way to the work floor. Lean Supervision teaches your supervisors and managers how to interact with their reports to build positive relationships that promote a team environment and improve employee job satisfaction. An engaged employee is a happier employee, and better focused on organizational goals and best practices for Continuous Improvement. The Lean Supervision program covers everything from daily planning to hourly production measurement, goal attainment, problem analysis and how to fix what is wrong. Lean tools are taught and explained using practical examples, and more. Lean supervisors learn how to interact with their team members and help them reach their goals.

Don’t overlook the value of Lean Supervision. Your Missouri Enterprise Area Business Manager can help you connect with one of our Continuous Improvement Project Managers to show you the benefits of Lean Supervision and get your people trained.