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Lean Manufacturing Basics.
Be More Efficient.
Make More Profit.

Lean Manufacturing is about eliminating waste and optimizing processes. Virtually any manufacturing operation can be more effective, efficient and profitable when they embrace and implement Lean Manufacturing principles. Lean is a powerful tool set, and mastery takes some time, however, it all begins with the Lean Manufacturing Basics. However you identify areas for systemic Continuous Improvement at your facility, the tools of Lean Manufacturing Basics help you take a focused and practical approach to making positive change.

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  • Lean 101. For employees at every level, Lean 101 covers the fundamentals of Lean and shows you how to implement Lean tools to reduce waste and improve effectiveness and  efficiency.  Part of the project includes practical experience as we walk your team through an actual project simulation to demonstrate the use of lean principles.  Be sure to include your shop floor personnel in this experience.
  • Lean Office. Get Lean in your office to increase productivity and efficiency.  Learn how to speed up work processes and reduce waste without sacrificing quality.  To truly implement lean principles throughout your organization, you need to include the transactional folks, too.
  • Lean Leadership Training. Designed to help you effectively incorporate Lean principles into the culture of your organization and put your leadership on the same page.  Include everyone from C-Level leadership, to Middle Managers, to Plant and Floor Supervisors. 
  • Waste Walks. Have your Missouri Enterprise Project Manager teach you how to conduct a Waste Walk at your facility where the work is actually being done. This will teach your people to recognize waste, a critical first step to meaningful process improvement. 
  • Kaizen Events. “Kaizen” is Japanese for “change for the better”.  Your Project Manager will bring guidance and objectivity to this multi-day improvement project.  Kaizen Events are designed to focus on a specific area of your operations that needs improvement, and help you change it for the better.

Don’t Go It Alone. You Need Expert Know-How to Guide You on Your Lean Journey.

With everything Missouri Enterprise has to offer, it all comes down to Helping Missouri Manufacturers Succeed, and systematic Continuous Improvement using Lean Manufacturing principles is a huge part of what we do.  Your Missouri Enterprise Project Manager has “been there, done that”, and that’s the kind of expert know-how you need to guide you on your Lean journey.  We don’t just tell you or show you, we roll up the sleeves with your team so your people truly understand how to embrace and implement the Lean Manufacturing Basics at your organization.

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