Lean 101 Training Class & Factory Simulation

A Powerful Introduction to Lean Manufacturing Principles.

Learn it & Live it: A Unique & Better Approach to Lean Training.

Missouri Enterprise’s Lean 101 Training Class & Simulation give your people a powerful introduction to Lean Manufacturing principles. Our unique and better approach goes beyond traditional classroom lectures to drive real learning through a fun teambuilding Lean Factory Simulation that lets your people live Lean in action. It’s a single day of training that yields years of long-term benefits. The standard class runs 6-8 hours and requires a minimum of 12 participants. Customized content options and scheduling are available.

Part 1: Lean Principles Overview.

The Lean 101 Training class begins with an introduction to Lean Manufacturing principles and a detailed overview of what Lean means. Participants learn to identify the 8 wastes of Lean and to distinguish between value-added and non-value-added activities as they are introduced to some of the primary tools of Lean, including:

  • 5S.
  • Batch Reduction.
  • Quality at the Source.
  • Cellular Manufacturing.
  • Set-Up Reduction.
  • Plant Layout.
  • Line Balancing.
  • Kanbans.
  • Cellular Flow.
  • Visual Management.
  • Point of Use Storage.
  • Poka Yoke.

Part 2: Interactive Lean Factory Simulation.

Nothing instills learning better than the chance to immediately experience and apply what you’ve just learned in a practical application. The Lean Manufacturing Simulation does just that, engaging the entire class in an easy to follow, understandable exercise that mimics actual situations they’re likely to encounter in the manufacturing workplace. Each student contributes as a member of the Lean team, assembling a “real” product on a simulated factory floor, incorporating the various principles of Lean along the way. It’s a powerful, interactive and fun demonstration to help students quickly grasp the key concepts of Lean Manufacturing and see them in action.


A Day that Pays Off for the Long Run.

Lean practitioners know that dedicating a day to establishing a Lean foundation within your team members yields an ongoing return on investment well into the future. Your people will immediately start seeing ways to improve efficiency and reduce waste, and they’ll have the tools they need to help you effectively optimize processes for years to come. It’s time and money well spent that will pay off long into the future.

What Lean Manufacturing Can Do for Your Company.

Lean Manufacturing is a systemic approach to improving production processes. Lean principles have been driving successful, profitable production for over a century, and they still fully apply to manufacturing excellence today. From the shop floor to the top floor, training your people Lean practices and tools empowers team members at all levels with knowledge they need to help your company:

  • Maximize efficiency.
  • Improve turnaround times.
  • Minimize waste.
  • Optimize processes.
  • Cut costs.
  • Grow profitably.

A Lean Culture – Not Just a Lean Person.

Lean isn’t about one person, it’s your whole team focusing on Lean Principles, helping detect and correct inefficiency and waste wherever it occurs in your operation. A Lean culture is a collaborative environment that embraces ideas and responds quickly to suggestions for improvement. The more people you have trained in Lean principles and tools, the more trained eyes you’ll have focused on making things better, and the more successful your company can be. It’s the difference between having a “Lean Person” or running a “Lean Enterprise” and truly realizing the benefits of Lean.

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