Lean Leadership Training:  Transform Your Continuous Improvement Culture.

Lean Leadership Training is about facilitating the success of others by clearly communicating the organization’s objectives and teaching people to be proficient and engaged in the use of Lean tools, allowing people to be involved in solutions and successes. Through effective Lean Leadership, Lean principles permeate the entire organization, becoming a part of the company culture as a whole. The concept of everyone being on the same page, with individuals at all levels actively involved in the practice of Continuous Improvement, allows a manufacturer to fully reap the financial benefits that come with efficiency.

Don’t Just Apply Lean Principles – Integrate Them.

Too many companies have “their Lean people” who are compartmentalized into a sub-unit in the organization that doesn’t really have the power or all-encompassing reach to succeed. Just because Lean activities are occurring, it doesn’t mean it has become a part of your company’s culture. Lean Leadership Training is designed to teach organizational leaders the skills they need to successfully implement and integrate Lean company-wide so it can truly transform the organization’s approach to Continuous Improvement. It’s the difference between applying Lean principles and integrating them.

Fundamentals of the Lean Leadership Training Program.

Even the most robust process improvement cannot be sustained without the support of supervisors and managers. To get the most out of people and processes, leaders must learn to lead as an alternative to managing. This session will help develop leaders at all levels of the organization as they think about how they manage and consider alternatives to their current management activities. Missouri Enterprise offers a 4-hour Lean Leadership Training program that covers the following concepts that are an integral part of leading in a continuous improvement environment.

  • Presenting a Continuous Improvement Model
  • Strategic Planning
  • Translating Strategies to Tactics
  • Leadership Defined
  • Continuous Improvement Leadership vs. Traditional Leadership
  • Leading in a Continuous Improvement Environment
  • Needs of a leader
  • Elements of Continuous Improvement Leadership
  • Leader Standard Work
  • Continuous Improvement Leadership Skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Visual Management
  • The A3 Process
  • Trust
  • Motivation
  • Coaching
  • Observation
  • Providing Direction
  • Training within Industry
  • Toyota Kata
  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation
  • Project Management
  • Leading Change
  • Providing direction

Missouri Enterprise’s Continuous Improvement Project Managers have decades of in the trenches experience helping companies understand Lean Leadership and integrating Lean principles into their company culture. Contact your local Area Business Manager and ask them to connect you with one of our own Lean Leaders