Lean Office Improves Administrative Efficiency & Customer Relationships.

Lean principles were originally designed to improve manufacturing processes and create better flow to systems.  Manufacturers understand that front-office and administrative efficiency helps them build stronger customer relationships and thrive in the marketplace. The idea of Lean Office is to help your company take a holistic approach to Lean by instilling Lean principles and tools in the office, in addition to the production floor. Implementation of Lean Office can have its challenges, but the rewards make a positive return on your investment in terms of efficiency, and even employee morale and job satisfaction.  Missouri Enterprise’s Lean Project Managers are experienced experts who can help your organization successfully implement Lean strategies into your office to improve the administrative environment.

Benefits of Lean Office.

Lean Office is an application of Value Stream Mapping to office-based transactional processes. A Lean Office streamlines processes and improves administrative efficiency. The benefits can be far-reaching, but some key rewards of a Lean Office include:

  • Reduction of task and system complexity.
  • Enhanced sales productivity.
  • Improved risk management capabilities.
  • Service and communications excellence.
  • Stronger customer relationships.
  • Stronger employee engagement and morale.
  • Cost savings through efficiency.

Missouri Enterprise Can Guide You on Your Lean Journey.

Missouri Enterprise has a highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable team of Continuous Improvement and Lean experts.  Whether it’s Lean Office, Lean 101, Lean Leadership or any of the Lean disciplines and training programs, the people at Missouri Enterprise can help you on your Lean journey to manufacturing excellence.

Contact your local Missouri Enterprise Area Business Manager to learn about all the ways we can help your facility successfully deploy and fully implement Lean into your operations.