Waste Walks


Lean Manufacturing Waste Walks.

A waste walk is a planned visit to a specific work area to identify and document non-value added activity. In addition to enabling the participants to see the wastes, the objective is to document the wastes and to define and apply countermeasures to eliminate or reduce the wastes. Missouri Enterprise Project Managers offer a 2 hour training session that provides an 8 step approach to conducting waste walks in a production or office setting. Topics of discussion include forming the team, defining and assigning areas for observation, discussion of observations and countermeasures, and planning countermeasure implementation. The session concludes with the participants conducting a waste walk to gain experience and insight. Recommended class size is 5 to 7 employees.

Waste Walks are a Critical Part of Continuous Improvement.

Missouri Enterprise’s Project Managers use Waste Walks all the time when working with their clients on projects. They know that nothing replaces being in the trenches while work is being performed to get the best results on any project to improve efficiency. Reach out to your local Area Business Manager, set up a time for one of our Continuous Improvement experts to visit and take a walk through your plant with you while we get to know each other. They almost always see something you can do to make simple and positive changes to your processes, and together you can discuss why Missouri Enterprise is Your Go-To Resource for All Things Manufacturing.