Cellular Manufacturing Flow Creates a Smooth Production Process.

Cellular Flow is the arrangement of equipment and personnel in sequence to support a smooth flow of materials and components from the time they enter the cell until the time they leave as finished product. Typically, the work at each station is divided such that each worker has a comparable cycle time. Workers are cross-trained so that they can assist their teammates as needed should a temporary imbalance arise. The arrangement of the cell provides only enough space for tooling, equipment, people, and product as required to meet customer demand. When effectively introduced, Cellular Flow systems can increase production speed and improve quality.

Maintaining Quality with Everyone in the Know.

A distinct advantage of Cellular Manufacturing Flow is that you get extra eyes focused on maintaining quality. As work is performed and a part is passed from one operator to the next, that subsequent operator already knows how that part needs to look or function, so they can spot variances and report feedback immediately to ensure things are getting done right in the cell workstations preceding them.

The outside eyes of a Cellular Flow expert like the Continuous Improvement Project Managers at Missouri Enterprise can help you develop an efficient Cellular Flow structure far more quickly than most companies can do it internally. Ask your Area Business Manager for more information on ways we can help.