Minimize Switchover Downtime with Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED).

Every manufacturer will tell you about the expense and time lost doing switchovers and setups on equipment. Minimizing the time it takes to do these tasks is critical to keep your equipment up and running with as little down time as possible.  The Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) system is a practical, real approach to reducing the amount of time it takes to change a machine over from one job to another.


S.M.E.D. Workshop.

Missouri Enterprise offers a 3-day SMED training and application event on the science of setup reduction. This workshop begins with a 3-hour training session during which the following information is presented and discussed.

  • Changeover wastes.
  • Benefits of SMED.
  • Economics of SMED.
  • Using video in SMED.
  • Changeover analysis.
  • 5S and SMED.
  • Visual tools and SMED.
  • SMED principles.
  • Applying SMED.
  • Keys to success.

Next, the team will assess one of the client’s setups by videotaping the setup activities, breaking the setup down into elements, assessing the elements of the setup, and developing a new setup method. Time savings attributed to this event generally range from 20 to 30%. An action plan will be developed to complete implementation of the new setup method.

Missouri Enterprise’s SMED Experts Have Been There Done That.

Missouri Enterprise’s SMED expert Project Managers have decades of experience helping manufacturers with Setup Reduction. Their knowledge and third-party objectivity are invaluable in helping you reduce the time lost doing setups. Talk to your local Area Business Manager about how Missouri Enterprise can help you run a Single Minute Exchange of Dies project to help you reduce costs and maximize productive run time.