Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)


Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

Imagine if your equipment never broke down and was always operating at peak efficiency. Of course, that’s an impossible dream but you can come as close as possible to making that dream a reality with Total Productive Maintenance, or TPM. TPM is a process that begins by bringing equipment back to “like new” condition, or as close as possible, and proactively managing equipment maintenance to minimize scheduled operational downtime and avoid in-process breakdowns. The idea is to continuously make incremental movement towards peak efficiency.

TPM Training through Missouri Enterprise.

Missouri Enterprise offers a 2-day Total Productive Maintenance Training program which helps manufacturers ensure that equipment is available as needed to meet customer demand. Our training covers the following.

  • Old school maintenance myths.
  • Equipment related wastes.
  • Equipment life vs. failures (the bathtub curve).
  • Life cycle costs.
  • Defining TPM.
  • Shared responsibilities among resources.
  • Benefits of TPM.
  • The 5 Pillars of TPM.
    • Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE).
    • Autonomous Maintenance.
    • Predictive Maintenance.
    • Early Management of New Equipment.
    • Creating a Safe Environment.

The Goals of Total Productive Maintenance Training:

The goals of TPM are to:

  • Align resources to measure equipment effectiveness.
  • Determine the activities and roles associated with proper equipment maintenance.
  • Predict failure as best possible.
  • Understand how to manage new equipment to maximize its life.
  • Do all of the above in a safe environment.

The TPM event will enlighten your staff on how to bring maintenance and production personnel together to effectively increase equipment reliability for one key piece of equipment. Missouri Enterprise’s expert team of Project Managers have the experience and knowledge to help your company understand and implement TPM.

Contact your Area Business Manager to arrange a site visit with one of our experts to learn how these programs can help you keep your operation up and running at peak efficiency.