Six Sigma


Six Sigma Overview

Six Sigma is a leading Continuous Improvement system based on Lean principles. It’s a fact-based problem-solving methodology that uses tools and skills to reduce variation within processes and create a corporate culture committed to Continuous Improvement. Rigorous methodologies provide data metrics and analysis designed to help you align key business processes and drive rapid and sustainable improvement. Goals include significant reduction or elimination of defects, improved product quality and increased customer satisfaction. Perhaps most importantly, when executed properly, Six Sigma can drive immediate and dramatic increases in profit.

The DMAIC Improvement Cycle and Other Six Sigma Tools.

DMAIC (pronounced “de-MAY-ick) is the core process used by Six Sigma practitioners.  DMAIC stands for:  Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.  These are the steps to follow to identify a problem, develop workable improvements and implement long-lasting solutions. 

Six Sigma Training, Implementation and Certifications.

Missouri Enterprise assists manufacturers with all levels of Six Sigma training and implementation.  Whether it’s a single tool you need to focus on or a company-wide training and implementation program to help you make Six Sigma a part of the way you do business, Missouri Enterprise’s Project Managers have the experience and expertise you need to succeed.  Participants in training are prepared for certification examinations provided by the American Society of Quality (ASQ), a leading, internationally recognized certifying body. Training schedules can be customized to meet your needs and conducted on site at your facility or at a local Missouri Enterprise training venue.

  • Lean Sigma Executive Overview.  An introduction to the principles of Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma problem-solving tools and related business and deployment strategies.
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training.  Designed to provide foundational knowledge of Six Sigma principles such as DMAIC, this training is ideal for entry level employees and those who have a smaller role or interest in Six Sigma at your organization.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Training.  The next level of Six Sigma expertise and certification, Green Belts master the skills to collect and analyze data, develop process maps and design and conduct experiments.
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Training.  The Black Belt program provides comprehensive training on how to meet company business objectives using the DMAIC process and other tools to plan, design and lead successful Six Sigma initiatives.

If it involves Continuous Improvement or Six Sigma, Missouri Enterprise has the knowledge, experience and expertise you need to help you make your company faster, better and more profitable.  Contact Us today to learn more.