Value Stream Mapping


Value Stream Mapping
Helps You Grow with the Flow.

Missouri Enterprise’s Continuous Improvement Project Managers will use their experience and know-how to show you the power of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and take you every step of the way through the process. This powerful assessment tool takes a holistic approach, focused on a value stream within your operation and aligned with your strategic objectives, to create a viable path to truly systemic continuous improvement and increased profitability. With the experienced guidance of your Missouri Enterprise Project Manager, you can avoid the pitfalls of creating islands of improvement that fail to consider your operation as a whole.

Key Advantages of Value Stream Mapping

  • Create a current-state Value Stream Map to give you a visual, graphic representation of how materials and information currently flow through your processes, from the initial customer contact to shipping of the finished product.

  • Clearly recognize barriers to flow that negatively impact your bottom-line profitability.

  • Identify specific non-value-added processes steps that reduce quality and efficiency.

  • Understand the flow and sequence of tasks including cycle times and lag-times occurring between tasks.

  • Break down operational silos and islands that zap efficiency and link it all together into a system wide approach to maximize the use of time and resources across operations.

  • Produce a future-state Value Stream Map to show you the way forward to systemic continuous improvement to positively impact production and profits.

  • Facilitate buy-in and meaningful operational change through an inclusive process that includes team members from the shop floor to the top floor, so all stakeholders understand the process and objectives of your value stream mapping project.

You Can’t See the Forest for the Trees.
Our Skilled Outside Eyes Can.

Who hasn’t gone searching for something and can’t find it, until someone finally says, “Can’t you see it? It’s right here in front of you.” We’ve all been there, and the same thing easily happens in manufacturing environments. People are so focused on getting product out the door they can’t see the whole system in action, and sometimes they just can’t see a better way to do their own specific tasks. It’s tough to objectively review your own operations without letting your inherent biases and long-held practices blind you to realities in your operation - you can’t see the forest for the trees. Bring in one of Missouri Enterprise’s highly skilled Project Managers and they’ll be the honest, objective outside eyes you need to identify inefficiencies and help you find a better way forward.